With over 40 years experience, named best of CitySearch in the Bay Area, and rated 9.6 out of 10 by construction magazines, California Home Improvement Solutions Inc. is here to help you create your dream home. ​

What we do

Installations, Repairs, Remodels, Additions, & Custom Woodworking


We know that when you’re planning for a bathroom remodel, you want to maximize space, storage, and accessibility, while keeping the cost reasonable. Here at CHIS Construction, we work hard to give you a bathroom remodel that you’re thrilled about, with a price tag that makes your wallet smile. 


No other room in the house brings people together like a kitchen. Whether it’s breakfast and waking up, making lunch for the day, cooking dinner together, or having a quiet snack at odd hours of the night, this room draws us to it like moths to a kitchen light. 


With over 40 years experience building decks, you will not be disappointed with the quality and styles that we offer. With 100% customer satisfaction behind our reputation we are certain that we can build your dream deck no matter the style, design, or setting. 

Home Renovations

home addition renovation afterLooking to upgrade more than just a single room? Whether you’re upgrading your house to place it on the market, or finally turning your home into the dream house you’ve always wanted, CHIS Construction has you covered. 

WIndows & Doors

Windows and doors are not only our first line of defense against the elements, but also the connection between our homes and the greater world. As such, they tend to be the first thing people notice when seeing a home.


Do you have a custom project you would like completed? whether you need a custom house, treehouse, or fancy doghouse, we can do it all. Whatever your project, give us a call and let us turn your dreams into reality.

Our Clients Love Us

“Leo was great to do business with. Very professional and great follow up. NOT pushy and intrusive. Yuri is a very skilled and polite craftsman. He fixed a leak, and the fix worked nicely. Leaks can be tricky things. And then they replaced a large patio door, and re-finished the entire frame. Very good job!” 

Tony Suhr, Millbrae, CA, 06/10/2016 
Home Advisor Rating: 5 Stars

“Leo and his team of professionals were outstanding, and worked extremely fast. Could not ask for more. One of the best contractors I’ve ever used in 35 years. Highly recommended.”

Charles C., Portola Valley, CA, 10/19/2015 
Home Advisor Rating: 5 Stars

“The quality of the work performed by California Home Improvement Solutions (CHIS) was excellent. They exceeded my expectations in all regards.”

Andy Riedel, 12/24/2014
Home Advisor Rating: 5 stars

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